Software development can be expensive. For example, a mobile app for iOS can cost 50 thousand euros or more, depending on the range of functions. What is certainly manageable for medium-sized companies can quickly mean financial ruin for startups. It is also important for startups that their software develops as fast as their own ideas. Fortunately, there is software development as a service in addition to the classic software development. Software development is outsourced and paid for a monthly fee as a service. In this article we want to explain the differences and advantages of SDaaS compared to the classical approach.

Startups tend to have little money available. Of course, it is always important to budget well, but the financial resources in medium-sized companies are sometimes much more extensive than in young start-ups that have just completed their first round of financing and can now start to effectively develop their product, market it and build up their resources.

An app for iOS can cost up to 100.000€ or more, depending on its scope. This includes the development of the application for the respective platform, usually the connection to a database, some complex logic and algorithms, and a standard design.
These costs are then often spread over a few milestones, so that, for example, three partial invoices of about 33,0000 euros each are generated.

The development is also time-consuming. Depending on the expected scope, it can take up to 6 months until a prototype is ready for release. Since the strength of startups is to work as fast as possible and to react flexibly to the market and its changes, it is all the more important not to let this time pass by but to start directly and without delay.

In summary, software development is often expensive, slow and not very flexible. This is where the software development as a service idea comes into play. Besides the actual work on the product or the company in general, the development of software can go hand in hand with the development of ideas. Costs are spread over many months, so that a higher flexibility arises and can be better adapted to the constantly changing market.

Deploy Innovation takes a holistic approach and goes beyond software development as a service by offering digital product development as a service. If at any point more design than development is needed, or if you need to rethink your idea from a different angle, we can address any issues with our service. We take the position of an advisory body, working hand in hand with the startup team to find solutions.

SDaaS therefore offers not only more cost-effective structures, but also a maximum of flexibility and is therefore ideal for agile teams.